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02 July 2013 @ 01:00 am
[sticky post] [MOD]  
Welcome to Jump-in Fansubs! ^^
This entry contains the introduction, how to join the community and FAQs.
I'm finally making a sticky entry since I realise I'm posting too many MOD entries and it's messy.

Jump-in Fansubs
Officially formed on 20th May 2009, gone through peaks and hiatuses, but we're always somewhere around!
We only release videos related to Hey!Say!JUMP, and you can make requests here.
We're a family here in jumpinfs, so join our family tree through the recruitment entry! :D
we're in need of translators :(

Twitter | Facebook | FansubWiki
I can't promise that Facebook and FansubWiki will be updated often :/
I recommend everyone to follow us on Twitter! ^^

Membership Requests

(frequently asked questions)
Click here!

This entry is open for all, and comments are screened.
Comment all your membership request, questions, and feedbacks here.
09 November 2015 @ 04:18 pm
It has been forever!
It's amazing how after almost 2 years of being inactive, we still have new members joining us every single day.

I'M STILL AROUND so everyone, feel free to approach me, membership requests, broken links, requests, make a friend, life concerns, just know that I'll reply. Guess what, I just received a new request today and all the feels came back to me, so here's my tiny plea:

Join us if you're an experienced translator or well-versed in Japanese!

Believe me, I really love and miss subbing, but I can't do everything alone; every staff in jumpinfs has grown up, we grew up together online but we have to detach ourselves one day too because of reality. I love jumpinfs as it is; I'm proud that I'm a subber, proud that I joined jumpinfs and not anywhere else. I'm sure there are a lot of new fans out there, a lot of people who are good in Japanese and would love to contribute to the subbing community of HSJ.

I'm a nice person, join jumpinfs to help me keep the spirit of all other jumpinfs staff alive? ^^
23 October 2014 @ 01:04 am
I can't believe our last release was 6 months ago (kills self)

For non-members, join us!!!!!!!! but give me some time to process the memberships hehe.
For new members, jumpinfs is currently on a duper major big hiatus so please keep your anticipation in a box and have fun with our already-up-releases.
For members since a million years ago, how is everyone doing?!?!?!?!?!

I just want to let everyone know that our hiatus is ongoing forever, LOL, it'll be difficult to start on anything (even though we really want to) for the next few months. If I have to give a reason......... we're all university students now :( I mean Sakura (sasaluvstoby94) and I. We're in a total new environment now so give us some time to adapt and be a good straight As student (hopefully please!) keke.

I will try getting back to projects soon (I always say this but I never really got back on any LOL), and of course, for any random updates or questions, nudge me on Twitter @jumpinfs.

AND OF COURSE, feel free to nudge me up for random chats on Twitter too, I'd love to know how our members are doing!
18 July 2013 @ 07:54 pm
(Updated 2013.10.13 - Projects undergoing or without translations are all on hold)
We haven't had anything like this before, so I guess it's time?

I shall make this clean, short and sweet.
large content alert~!Collapse )

Direct all requests to the requests entry.
Follow us on Twitter @jumpinfs for updates.

For any questions and enquiries,
1. PM me, smackdelugexz
2. Tweet @jumpinfs
3. Comment on this entry
4. Or any other way you can contact me and let me know.
27 June 2013 @ 09:15 pm
Hey!!!!!!! :D
I'm here to announce upcoming releases!


Almost all of our staffs are still on hiatus, but very kind kurosaki91 has offered to be my translating slave for a while muahahahaha. She will be translating some yummy releases for us during this period, but it'll be a pretty my-pace thing so please don't anticipate quick releases :(

We are currently working on:
• Ariehen Sekai 2011.12.20 Arioka Daiki
• Come On A My House PV and Making of

I hope nobody really lost hope in jumpinfs yet? hehehe.
During this period of having my very kind god sent slave, we'll probably work more on past requests since I don't want them to keep on piling up. If you have any particular request, do let me know nevertheless :> We'll review and see if any other subbing teams are working on it and let you know if we'll be working on it!

Thank you for your attention!!!!
I'm making this special announcement because kurosaki91 insist on wanting to make you guys anticipated for the upcoming PV and making, plus she prefer giving me such pressure to make me less lazy. LOL. Leave any comments for requests or suggestions, PM me for any broken links. Till then, my friends~!
21 May 2013 @ 05:29 pm
I've been feeling guilty about not completing the release of IDN hard subs, and now that I'm done,
Here is a masterpost of the thumbsup drama, Ikemen desu ne, with both hardsubs and softsubs! :D

This masterpost includes the drama episodes and other related appearances or promotion of drama


Clicking on the links of each episode will lead you to their respective release entries.
You have to join as member in order to view the entries.

I bet most of you have given up on the hardsubs of IDN, but thank you to those who waited!

I sincerely apologise to people who followed us for the releases of softsubs on d-addicts because I didn't upload them quickly and I actually forgotten about that thread, receiving quite a few negative feedbacks. It's all on me, remember me, I'm josey! Please don't blame it on Jump-in Fansubs or any other staffs of our community. I'm very sorry! T_T

And as usual, do PM me for any broken links
I have them all uploaded, just that I've not updated the entries~^^
02 April 2013 @ 06:27 am
Don't be happy yet members, we're still on hiatus. LOL.

This is a notice to all fans who have requested membership for the past 3 months.

We weren't able to clear all the membership requests quickly since we were on hiatus, but now that I clear it, I realised that there was a period where almost over 40 members of you, continuously, requested for membership without clicking on the 'Join' button despite commenting on the membership request entry. I have replied to some of your comments, rejecting your application, but seeing that it's weird, I decided to invite all of you into our community. I shall take it as a glitch of LiveJournal (since there's always problems with them), I'll take it as the 'Join' button didn't work. And because even if I ask of all of you to re-join, I don't have the confidence to attend to your membership request quickly too. I don't want to drag,

So please accept your invitations at your Community Invitation Page.

I apologise for the late acceptance of membership requests.
From now on, I'll try my best to clear membership requests every week (although I doubt there'll be much applicants LOL)

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
AND AS USUAL, MEMBERS, PM me if you need any releases that only has broken links. :>

If you are here for the first time, HI WE ARE ON HIATUS LOL.
Apply for your membership on the membership requests entry.
26 August 2012 @ 03:44 pm
Sorry for being on hiatus for so long suddenly without any notice. :<

I had been busy with school projects, then after school project ended, I was busy with part-time jobs, then after part-time jobs, I'm having finals right now! LOL. Oh busy me :p so sorry for being away. Polytechnic students from Singapore work hard for your finals oh! I'm working hard too ^^

I promised to upload all IDN episodes but I haven't been able to do it, I actually do have half of them up, but I wna get them up all at once with a masterpost for IDN, so do give me a bit more time! I'll reply to your comments giving some of you the links, so do ask for it if you need, I'll give whatever I have! LOL. Reuploads too, all welcomesxzxz, because I actually have alot of them reuploaded, but just not posted up. :p

While I was on hiatus, it seems like another fansub community has taken up Primadam and Kinpachi Sensei Season 7. :o aozorasubs are working on it, so do head over to their community if you're interested, but remember to join according to their own rules, I'm just informing that they're subbing it, it's not like we're affiliated or what, so don't expect to get any benefits because you're a member of our community! LOL. Please don't feel offended, I know all of you know this clearly, but there actually members who don't too. You know I love all of you and feel very bad for going on hiatus and not releasing anything for so long :( LOL. So we're letting go of Primadam and Kinpachi Sensei 7 ^^ We won't be subbing Sprout too, since other communities are working on it.

I would say jumpinfs will be on hiatus for now.
You can still contact me through email or pm, or comment, I'll reply to all!

Sorry for lack of releases, once we're back, I'll churn all out~! >D
....Okay, temporary!mod post, at least. :'D Thanks smackdelugexz for giving me permission to post this pseudo-mod entry >D

I've just recently revived my LJ because I've returned to the Arashi fandom (sad to say it might take a while for me to make a full JE fandom comeback), and I've noticed that I've been receiving messages from users requesting to be added to the jumpinfs community as a member. While I've been patiently replying to a few of these messages, I would like to let everyone know that I have stopped being a moderator of this community since 2010. My last project with the team was back in 2009, with Scrap Teacher ep8 and 9.

I had to then take an indefinite hiatus (which probably has no intention of ending) due to the heavy workload I'm receiving in university.

Therefore, I would like to ask everyone to please refrain from PM-ing me regarding matters that pertain to your membership status and application requests.

Despite this, I am still very grateful to each and everyone of the members for keeping the community alive and kicking, and I am definitely thankful to moon_kaka and smackdelugexz for all the hard work and patience that you put into sustaining this community. I am proud to say that I was once a pioneering member of this subbing team, which has beautifully grown from its humble beginnings in 2008 to its successful status today.

I may not be around all the time as a team member, nor will I be able to help you with your current and future releases, but I want everyone to remember that I was, and will always be one of those JUMP fangirls cheering you on in all your endeavors as a team.

I love you and I miss you all jumpinfs team! もっと頑張れねぇ!
(And, yes, I kept this icon of JUMPINFS!Ryosuke just because I love you guys so much ♥)

-- jina ♫
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23 October 2011 @ 04:52 pm
Hi everyone~ 

I want to let you know that I have found enough time to check the membership request now and there's a small technical problem! I can't see the request from page 41 to page 44 (this entry). So if you have commented there, please click the join button again so that I can approve you. And if you think you haven't been approved for a long time, don't hesitate to click the join button, I want to make sure that I don't forget any request!

Once again, welcome to JUMP-INFS and  hope you enjoy your stay here ^-^