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10 October 2011 @ 01:22 am
Hi everyone,


I'm the one who is in charge of approving membership request but under many circumstances, I haven't been able to do it for a month already! I want to send my apology to each of you about the delay and lateness. I am able to check the membership request from tomorrow (Monday) so please be patient a little bit longer and don't hate me us!


Please keep supporting JUMP and JUMP-INFS more and more na, sankkyuuuuu  ♥


18 July 2011 @ 09:30 pm
This entry is for people wants to join the community only. Old members, please ignore it ^^~

Recently we have membership requests by FACEBOOK and TWITTER acoounts. We've discussed and our team agrees that we won't accept any other account, only Live Journal account.

We are very sorry to do this but to keep subbing alive and keep us off-radar, we have no other choice. Hope you will understand.

Once again, please follow this entry to join our community.

Thank you very much for your understanding and the support ♥

02 May 2011 @ 02:32 am
*waves, hohoho, recently we keep posting alot of rubbish...
We're actually trying to revamp jumpinfs a little to give a refreshing feel! >:)
Since we have a 2010 recruitment entry, a 2011 should be created!

We have enough typesetters, quality checkers and encoders now, so we need:
• Translator
• Timer
• Graphic Makers
• SFX / Effect Makers

More information!^^Collapse )
Thanks, and we'll be waiting for your applications!♥

Jump-in Fansubs
(Post with reference to previous recruitment entry)
10 March 2011 @ 02:18 am
Hi again~! =D

Thanks for those of you who participated in the poll I posted yesterday. After reviewing the poll, the team members have come up with a decision on what projects we are going to do in this time being.

The YYJumping subbing community has decided to continue on subbing the replacement show of YYJumping, which I think all of us know already, the show will be called Yan Yan Jumping. Therefore, you can find the upcoming releases of both YYJumping & Yan Yan Jumping subbed videos over at yyjumpin  community.

As for us here in jumpinfs  , below is the list of our priority ongoing and future project(s) :

Ongoing Projects
- SUMMARY 2010 (Translating & timing are being done)
- Yume Tamago Making of (In translating process)

Regular Show
- The Shounen Club (Starting April)

Future Project
- Kinpanchi Sensei SP

Those above are the shows we're focusing on doing right now. We still try to finish old projects such as Showa x Heisei, HTE making, requests, etc. However, those projects will be done in slower pace, unlike the priority projects where we try to finish them ASAP.

For each episode of the shounen club, whether we will sub full episode or just JUMP-centric parts, it will be decided by the project leaders based on their screen time in the show. Please understand that our focus is HSJ videos and not Johnny's Jrs.

So I guess that's all for now~ before it gets way too long XD

Thank you as always for your support! ♥
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08 March 2011 @ 05:31 pm
Hi everyone~!

Since some of our staff are back from their hiatus, we're trying to do more subbing projects. Therefore, we need your suggestions on what JUMP videos you would like to be subbed the most.

Please note that this is NOT a request post. We'd be glad to sub every single video that each of you requested, however, due to limited staff and their free time, we would have to narrow down our choices of projects based on what people want to see the most.

Please take part of this poll~!

Poll #1715442 What would you like to be subbed the most?

Upcoming projects to be considered...

NYC "Yume Tamago" Making
Kinpanchi Sensei SP
Others (please specify by commenting below)

Regular shows you would like to be subbed

School Kakumei
The Shounen Club (JUMP related full show/clips)
Yan Yan JUMPING (upcoming show)
Others (please specify by commenting below)

Note that I didn't put YY JUMPING in there, because they have a specific comm subbing full YYJ episodes (yyjumpin) and as we all know, they show will end in April and will be substituted with Yan Yan JUMPING. (lol!)

The result of the poll will be considered by the team members and will be chosen based on staff availability to do the project(s).

Thanks for taking part in the poll~! ♥

- JUMP-IN fansubs staffs -
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Hello everyone! It's josey once again >:)
Anyone still remember our Yama-chan's birthday project previously?
We got overwhelming numbers of headers received, which is pretty thumbs up!♥

To thank all header makers, I'm going to present their works >:)

To view the headers more clearly, visit the photobucket album I made!
Names of headers are all the makers' livejournal usernames, they're really good! *claps
Do comment to affirm any of them, I'm sure they'll be here to have a look^^

And give some love to our dear Inoo? :( I've been receiving so little headers.
Come on! Inoo is like ultra thumbs upxzxz and photogenic, so get some headers out! >:)
Special message? oh!Collapse )

See all of you in 4 months' time oh♥ josey loves you allsxzxz.
16 June 2010 @ 02:37 am
Yahaha >:) It's time for our dear Inoo Kei(♥)'s birthday project!
Just like before, let's open up creative minds for his banner!^^

Please go ahead and add more photos of Inoo on the banner,
There is a need to show everyone his pretty face >:)
We'll need a resolution of 950x310,
Also, please include texts that saying,
"Happy Birthday Inoo Kei!" and "Jump-in Fansubs"
(Anything similar is fine, you don't have to restrict yourself in crazy texts, hehesxz)

To have your header shown up on the community page,
Simply pass me your headers through livejournal pms^^
If it's too much of a hassle, commenting here is fine, all comments will be screened!

For Yamada's birthday, I didn't really calculate the days properly....
LOL, Because of my hiatus, some headers might have stayed there for really long.
Now I promise, all banners/headers will only stay up for 2-3 days,
Everyone is the same! :D

A small gallery will be held after the event,
(Which is either all headers have been displayed, or one week before the next jump's birthday)
The next birthday project would be Yuto's (10.08) which is 3rd of august.
Now, go ahead and abuse your photoshop skills! >:)
02 May 2010 @ 04:31 pm
Hello everyone! I'm josey *waves, LOL.
There's one more week before Yamada's birthday arrives, as we've polled before,
Let's have everyone who is interested to do a banner for us, and Yamada!


Any header is fine, as long as there is Yamada's face on it. LOL.
We'll need a resolution of 950x310 ^^
Also, please include texts saying,
"Happy Birthday Yamada Ryosuke!" and "Jump-in Fansubs"

You can send your banners to me through livejournal pms,
Or just comment here w/ the image link, all comments will be screened!

All banners will be showed! I'll calculate the days properly. LOL.
Anyway we have all the time till Inoo's birthday (22.06) to display all banners. :D
A small gallery will be held, at the end of the event.

Start doing your graphics now, and show your love for Yamada♥
Thank youuuuu!
Finally it's here. We are sorry for the wait T__T
(about hardsub: We will do it with the DVD version, hope you won't get mad at us.)

Banner made by xsupamotion 

Translators: xxmerigon , sasaluvstoby94 
Spot translator: smalltownsburns
Editor: smackdelugexz 
Timers: rarsii23 , momo791 
Q.Checker: moon_kaka 
Special thanks to hydemyself

Read more...Collapse )

- This is not the final sub, there can be MINOR missing or mistakes in the translation but the overall meaning is CORRECT. Taking this softsub means you agree to the condition above.
- The sub works fine with version shared at ourhour

- Personal use only.
- Re-post with TELLING OUR NOTE is fine but please credit us, link here is much appreciated
- Our other rules also applied so please read them b4 doing anything with the sub.
- Don't claim it's yours ^^!
- If you want to re-translate, contact me for the final version.

Oya-san = Mr. Landlord.
22 April 2010 @ 03:14 am
Minna, genki ^^~? I have some good news.

1st - finally the 1st b-day gallery is here :) I hope we can continue having your graphics more in the future ^-^ Please let us know your idea in the poll at the end na.

To view the graphics in full size, you can go here

2nd - Hidarime tantei EYE last episode is done translating/timing. It's being edited and spot-translated ^^~ but maybe we will release hardsub only (there's someone out there using our translation without asking us and for some reasons, it's not shared freely @_@). I can say that the latest day is this Sunday.

3rd - Our scanlation team will finally WORK ~~~~ jumpinst  jumpinst  jumpinst  jumpinst  jumpinst 

Please make your requests there na :) We aren't able to start something if we don't set the very first step so yeah, we are waiting for your request ^-^~ So, in other words, our JUMP-IN SCANLATION team will work on requests first.

For people who wants to join this community, please be sure to:
- Have at least one public entry in your LJ.
- Read our rules.
- Answer the questions
- Click the join button

and don't worry if you are rejected, feel free to join any time again :) More info can be found here. We don't bite or hate you ^^~ we just want to protect ourselves a little bit from the leechers and other circumstances.


Besides our graphic makers' lovely stuffs, we want to see various types of graphics from you too, so please fill in the poll too na. Thank you.

Read more...Collapse )

Thank you for reading ^^~